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Rinaggiu Fountains

Fonti di Rinaggiu

The best known Fountains of Tempio Pausania is Rinagghju , analyzed for the first time in 1936, classified cold mineral water (12 °), with a high silica content (granitic) and with very similar characteristics to the Fiuggi's fountains.

Numerous streams descend from Mount Limbara, all well known to the elders of the place: take for example Riu Manzoni, Riu Parapinta , Riu Badumela confluent in all Carana, which feeds the Smooth, and others such as the Rio Salaùna, which are tributaries of Coghinas.

Not only on Mount Limbara, but also dental urban space in and around the Tempio, there are many sources of good water and light that so many people is to draw all year.

One of the oldest mention of the source nuragica Li Paladini, the site of the mountains and the Deu funtana Pastini, now inside the town.